Tablet Computer Holding Device

Inventor: Allan R. Hansen
Tablet Computer Holding Device provides a new tablet computer holding device utilized for providing convenience for the user when holding a tablet computer for an extended period of time while reducing the risk of accidental drops or falls of the tablet.
This uniquely designed device provides a variety of gripping areas that allows a user to conveniently hold the device regardless of the tablet computer's orientation, easy insertion and removal of a tablet computer, allows cords and wires to be connected to a tablet secured within the holding device, and includes one or more fasteners, such as clips, on the periphery of the base and are used to securely hold a tablet computer in place.
Tablet Computer Holding Device is portable, perfect for travel, home and office use, and can easily fit in any backpack, suitcase or briefcase. The unique design allows for easy transition between portrait and landscape orientation without hassle, and allows for easy charging during use.
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