The Resistant Ring

Inventor: Ferrando Campbell
The Resistant Ring (D-Ring) is a portable fitness device that utilizes the sheer dynamic tension of the user/users to take the resistant forces created by any size, age, sex or athletic ability user/users to offer a wide variety of exercise and stretch routines that will develop, enhance or rehabilitate various muscles and muscle groups and also improve joint function.
D-Ring is designed to be used individually,
with a partner or with a team or group.
The exercises and stretches are non-threatening, natural movements that strengthen the core, improves balance, stability, pliability and the mental health of partnering and/or team users. It will be beneficial in numerous industries and looks to revolutionize fitness.
Who Can Benefit from the Resistant Ring?
  • 1
    Physical Fitness Trainers
  • 2
    Fitness Gyms / Studios
  • 3
    Physical Therapists
  • 4
    Rehabilitation Facilities / Specialists
  • 5
    Hospitals and Treatment Facilities
  • 6
    Wellness and Health Coaches
  • 7
    Occupational Health
  • 8
    Mental Health Providers
  • 9
    Sports Teams / Sports Coaches
  • 10
    Personal Care Assistants (PCAs)
  • 11
    Nurse Practitioners (NPs)
  • 12
    Fitness Enthusiasts and more
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