Accessible Forklift

Inventor: Harlan Greenfield
Wheelchair Accessible Forklift is a unique device specifically designed to support a wheelchair enabling those persons with a physical handicap to enter or re-enter the workplace.
Wheelchair Accessible Forklift comprises a flat platform with a wheelchair secured to the operator station. The platform may contain rubber strips in order for the wheelchair not to slide or roll. A turntable may also be included to pivot the wheelchair in a 360-degree angle. The operator station includes a single-hand lever to operate the forklift. The designed lever controls the direction and speed of the forklift, as well as the fork height, extension and tilt and side-shift.
An angled gradient ramp is attached that slopes to the floor allowing the wheelchair to enter and exit the platform. In a lifted position, the ramp serves as a back wall to prevent the wheelchair from rolling off the platform. The ramp can be conveniently controlled via remote-control device.
Wheelchair Accessible Forklift contains a plurality of motorized wheels that allows the forklift to easily maneuver from one location to another. Additionally, the assembly includes a lifting mechanism that can be lifted and lowered via the control panel. As an added benefit, Wheelchair Accessible Forklift may contain cameras and display to further improve visibility for the forklift operator.
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