Welding Hood Defroster

Inventor: Kelvin North
Welding Hood Defroster is a uniquely designed device to combat interior fogging, condensation, and frost development within the welding mask interior. Ideal for use by welding operators working in extremely cold temperatures or outdoor climates where a user's breath can create internal fogging.
  • A welding mask featuring forced air and heating means, and a power supply for injecting a heated air stream throughout the mask interior to remove the user's breath and warm the inside of the mask for comfort.
  • Removable heating and forced air unit can be clipped to a conventional welding mask.
  • Allows attachment to a hard hat brim or headband when used in conjunction with safety glasses, which are notorious for fogging.
  • Eliminates the need for welders to breathe through tubing or the need to use a computer fan. Prevents humidity build-up and allows a user to maintain vision through the lens.
  • Warms the user while in a harshly cold environment.
    Eliminates anti-fog sprays and waxes that streak and reduce optical clarity.
  • May be used as a fan-only device to help reduce the core temperature by cooling the face in hotter climates.
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