Web-based Receipt Collection Application

Inventor: Gwendolyn Rhoss
Configured to take digital receipts submitted directly at the time of transaction/ purchase from the supplier /marketplace/vendor or store and catalog making them immediately available to the buyer/consumer/purchaser.

The application will scan the receipt for the type of item (s) purchased. The program will then sort the purchases and calculate the tax consequences of individual or cumulative purchases, projects or processes. A user can sort through the purchases easily to help budget and keep ledgers of individual
or cumulative purchases, projects, or processes.
Copies may be sent directly to the app by the seller, or receipts are uploaded by the user via scanning or photographing using a smart device. Once the receipt is uploaded to the app, it is assigned a unique identifier.

Each item is also categorized depending on the goods, services, and detailed optimization of the receipt.
The software program can also hold company loyalty account information and can work in conjunction with banking, cryptocurrency exchange platforms, credit and debit cards, and tax software.

Eliminates paper receipts, storage, and time-consuming sorting.
Can be accessed using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Multiple categories can digitally organize the receipts
    These categories may include taxable, non-taxable, item name, item type, item name, date of purchase, and size. This enables users to easily sort/filter through the digital categories to find the needed receipt.
  • Offers real-time dashboards
    The dashboards include not only digital and manual receipt capture, but also banking and other expenses and purchases. The dashboards may also be used for planning future expenditures and budgeting.
  • Intelligent and visual graphs and charting of personal expenditures
    These enable users to plan, and make decisions and/or budget their finances in an integrated way.
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