Water Dispensing Hat

Inventor: Luis Zarate
Water Dispensing Hat is a uniquely designed hat that can keep a wearer cool by spraying a pleasing mist onto their face at the push of a button.
Water Dispensing Hat contains a water reservoir in the shape of a pair of ears and plurality of nozzles around the perimeter of the hat. The plurality of nozzles is in communication with a spray mechanism and a push button. Upon activation of the push button, the spray mechanism pumps water from the water reservoir through the plurality of nozzles and onto a wearer's face.
The water reservoir includes a removably securable cap that provides access to the interior volume of the water reservoir. Through utilization of such a cap, a user is able to fill and drain the water reservoir with water.
Fun Hat can be designed as round ears, cat ears, bunny ears, or even a princess crown. The designs are endless!
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