Voice-Activated Translucent
LED Light Bag

Inventor: Ervin McManus
Many people transport their everyday items in a purse or bag. However, when the bag is full of objects it is difficult for an individual to find the specific item they're searching for. Although it possible to pull out a flashlight to provide additional light when searching for the specific item, this is an additional hassle and frustration for the user. Further, additional bags can take up space when traveling, making it difficult to bring extra bags along on a trip. Thus, improved translucent bag that can reconfigure from a flat surface to a bag and provide a means of easily seeing the items stored within is desired.
The Voice-Activated Translucent LED Light Bag illuminates the interior of a purse, backpack, or a wide range of bag styles by utilizing voice activation on command. Voice-activated technology can control the light, powering it on and off with ease and convenience.
The innovative design features a bright, LED light fixture that can be affixed to the inner casing of a bag to help alleviate the hassle of not being able to see the contents inside.
All contents inside the bag can be easily accessed eliminating the need to utilize a flashlight or other light source in dark or lowlight settings.
The flat design can expand to accommodate any size or style bag for added convenience while traveling or for everyday use.
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