Vesperian Chimes

Inventor: Terrance Finigan
A variable-mode electronic wind chime with modifiable colored LED lights. Vesperian Chimes are made from reclaimed redwood, hand-assembled, and finished to a shine. The aluminum chimes are custom tuned to give a soul-soothing sound, and the lights bring that sound to life!
Customize the look of a home while offering light display and sounds. Perfect and beautifully designed for front porch decor, garden or patio, backyard gazebo, or display along a driveway or walkway. Lights can be any combination of colors to suit holiday themes, favorite sports team, or any other light color preference to bring visual pizzazz to an outdoor area.

Emits pleasant sounds while brightly illuminating different colored lights each time the clapper makes contact with a chime. The pipes are bare ( no chrome ) so energy from the battery can pass from the redwood clapper to the pipes completing the electrical circuit and activating the lights.
The clapper is configured to produce both sound and light and is moveable between three different modes to suit individual preferences or settings.

Lights are hammer activated and solar-powered. The circuit inside the solar detector recharges during the day and allows the lights to come on at night for a beautiful, soothing display.
  • A brightness control switch includes three different settings.
  • All exposed metal hardware is durable stainless steel and highly resistant to weather or wear.
  • Pipes are custom tuned between A sharp and C to create beautiful sounds and tested for clarity and pitch.
  • Easy to hang from a sturdy overhead structure.
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