Vehicle Passenger Reminder System

Inventor: Susan Quave
The Vehicle Passenger Reminder System will notify a user that a passenger has been left unattended in a vehicle. The system provides driver and child weight sensors and a cooling mechanism that includes a fan for cooling the child if a temperature sensor detects that the temperature within the vehicle has risen to a dangerous level. This system can be universally placed on any car seat.
The innovative, convenient alert system reminds exiting drivers not to forget their child in the back seat and prevents extremely dangerous
and unfortunate circumstances.
All system components work in conjunction with one another to provide safety and comfort until the child can be properly removed from the vehicle.
  • Window Alert
    Light and Sound connected via short cable
  • Temperature and Pressure Sensors
    Record presence of child and current temp to activate alarms
  • Cooling Mechanism
    Cooling mechanism which activates when sensors record trigger temperature
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