Vaporizer Containment Tent

Inventor: Don Nellis
A uniquely designed canopy-type tent designed to provide a confined, personal area to more effectively and efficiently breathe in steam or cool air mist vapors from a vaporizer.
Provides containment of medicated vapors for respiratory ailments, such as chest congestion, sinus congestion, or any other ailment where breathing may be difficult and relief is needed.
  • Eliminates dissipation of vapors commonly found with traditional vaporizers.
  • Canopy constructed of a light rubberized canvas or vinyl material.
  • Side flap opening for placement of a vaporizer. Top and rear vented areas.
  • An open cut-out allows for legs and feet to extend outside the canopy for access to cooler air and comfort.
  • Safe for use in infants, children, or adults.
  • Suitable for placement on a bed or in an infant's crib.
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