Tri-Part Skillet or Pan with Lid

Inventor: Lisa Graybeal
Tri-Part Skillet or Pan with Lid is a uniquely designed divided cooking device providing a combination of different cooking surfaces allowing a user to conveniently cook separate food items simultaneously in one skillet or pan.
Tri-Part Skillet or Pan with Lid eliminates the need for multiple skillets and burners while preparing a meal, and saves a considerable amount of time during the clean-up process. By providing one single skillet or pan, a user can prepare different meal requests without worry of mixing food combinations or different meal times.
Tri-Part Skillet or Pan with Lid may contain the same cooking surfaces or provide different cooking surfaces such as, a grill-top cooking surface with a parallel raised portion for grilling, a non-stick omelet section, stainless, or a non-stick flat surface to prepare any variety of foods. Additionally, a removable strainer is located within each cooking area, configured to fit on one divided cooking area.
Tri-Part Skillet or Pan with Lid can be made in a variety of depths and widths.
The cooking possibilities are endless!
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