The Handy Pale

Inventor: Jason Williams
The Handy Pale is a uniquely designed 5-in-1 portable and organization storage device that can support an individual in a seated position and can be utilized to transport a variety of necessary items to a work site or any other outdoor activity.
  • Includes water cooler functionality with a spigot for dispensing cold water. The spigot is 4.5 inches from the base to the spigot. This keeps the spigot off the ground in most work areas compared to traditional Igloo spigots which may be covered in dirt or debris. The cooler holds a 2.1-gallon water capacity.

  • Storage drawer located at the bottom side can carry a telescopic cup or collapsible drinking cup. Dry storage drawer for PPE work gloves, ear plugs, safety glasses, cell phone, or keys. Large upper storage lunch tray sits above the ice water compartment to keep food cold. Tray is 4.2 in depth and 10.25 in base diameter.
  • Removable tool bags to store items such as a hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, Alan wrenches and other needed assortment of items. The Handy Pale consists of four hubs and includes two bags allowing for the opportunity to add bags for a total of Four or change out bags to fit job requirement needs.

  • Easy grip rope handle of strength and durability. The handle contains a clasp carabiner for work sites or outdoors to be secured at heights.
  • Comfortable seating area to sit and rest.
  • Eliminates carrying multiple bags which can be difficult and cumbersome.
  • Contains a series of divided compartments to contain all necessary items in one convenient device.
  • Waterproof seal to keep items dry while outdoors.
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