Device for applying a tensile force to
a hinged joint

Inventor: Max Azevedo
A uniquely designed device that can be conveniently used at home for applying a tensile force to a hinged or articulating joint such as an ankle, encompassing joints from head to feet.

Straighten and strengthen a hinged joint, stretch connective tissue, membranes, and cartilage, increase the flexibility of articulation, and relieve irritation or impingement of nerves in the comfort of a user's home.
An adjustable, collapsible frame comprising two elements, which can be folded or disassembled and stored when not in use. When in use, the device can be easily inserted under a couch, mattress, futon, etc., to apply a tensile force to the hinged joint.

A strap is removably attached to receive the hinged joint, applying a tensile force to the hinged joint to stretch the joint longitudinally and passively stretch and relieve pressure on the ankle.
Enables the tensile force to propagate to other body parts, for example, force may be transmitted from a hinge joint to all joints distally connected.

May be used by a user with little or no medical experience and in a home environment, to avoid the inconvenience of obtaining a healthcare provider whose costs associated may be expensive, and whose healthcare practice may be geographically undesirable.
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