Tactile Sleep and Meditation Aide

Inventor: William Mess
Tactile Sleep and Meditation Aide is a uniquely designed sensory stress relief pillow that can safely aid a user in relieving their stress and provide ultimate relaxation.
  • Multiple sensory surfaces correspond to different tactile sensations.
  • Integrated speaker to emit calming, soothing sounds and programmed recordings such as guided meditation.
  • Inner pillow layers provide different degrees of firmness producing different sensations when compressed.
  • Wireless remote control to operate motor and speaker.
  • Perfect for children who may have difficulty sleeping.
  • Reduces anxiety and provides restful sleep.
  • Zipper pouch insert for storing an electronic device.
  • Relieves mental distress by placing the pillow between the hands and pressing the surface of choice.
  • Integrated motor mechanism to inflate and deflate.
  • Self-contained battery for an alternative power source.
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