The Study Buddy

Inventor: Jose Gonzalez
The Study Buddy combines a sheet material dispenser, with various writing and stationary utensils allowing the user to accessorize with a number of accordion-style pop-up products, such as adhesive notes, page markers, stickers, tape, or other paper material from the upper end of a writing utensil or similar tool.
The Study Buddy provides an easy, efficient and unique way to dispense individual sheets of paper from the upper end of a writing utensil while in use.
The device connects a writing utensil with common sheet stationary for improved access to stationary while writing, taking notes, or making markings to a page or sheet for various purposes.
The rectangular sheet dispenser can be easily separated from the end of any writing utensil and can be easily placed onto another writing utensil, highlighter, or other tool of the user's choice.
Early Concepts
All variations shown in the early concepts image are protected by the patent
The Study Buddy stays connected to the utensil item while the utensil item is used. The sheet material dispencer supports a stack of accordion style pop-up sheet material, exposing a single sheet, for individual dispensation. Hand written page tabs, notes, or special thoughts to friends and loved ones has never been easier.
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