Solution Dispensing Devices

Inventor: Robert Wise
Patent #11,253,882
ASPIRE Solution Dispensing Device
The upper section automatically opens the solution cartridge, deposited in the lower section upon recoupling the sections together.

NO shaking to mix ingredients of solution each time. ASPIRE automatically mixes solutions and readies them for discharge upon each use.
Solution dispensed is a prescribed dosage, at a prescribed pressure, and an increase button can deliver additional solution and/or air volume.

NO need to keep out of the reach of children. NO chroming, vaping, deliberately concentrating, and inhaling propellants that can be harmful or fatal. NO more spraying of propellants within a tiny space such as a 5ft x 5ft bathroom repeatedly inhaled.
  • NO harmful propellants. ASPIRE compresses the air you breathe to propel solutions.
  • Repeatedly refillable and reused dispenser.
  • Solution cartridge can be made of unique polymers that dissolve in water, compost quickly, NO WASTE!
  • ASPIRE can discharge aerosol shots of deodorant, prescribed quantities of the solution, prolonged sprays, mists, etc.
Patent #11,420,810
ASPIRATOR Refillable Solution Dispensing Device
The solute solution cartridge is any combination of ingredients that when combined with the reservoir solvent combines into a prescribed solution. As an example, Tide Pod is deposited within a washing machine, water is added combining into an overall solution to wash clothes.

ASPIRATOR can be designed as a typical spray bottle, whereby the upper section couples to the lower section, sealing the two sections, whereby an actuator mechanism (sprayer) in fluid contact with the reservoir, upon activation discharges via an external nozzle.
The reservoir is repeatedly refilled with a solvent and solute solution cartridge, rendering the dispenser repeatedly reused, and no waste since the cartridge containing the solute solution dissolves and becomes a part of the combined solution.

ASPIRATOR can be adjusted to discharge a prescribed quantity of solution, at prescribed PSI, in a single shot, mist, prolonged spray, etc. The increase button allows for additional solutions discharged each dispense.

ASPIRATOR also has a unique auto fill, whereby solvent is added via an external port, closing upon the prescribed amount of solvent within, the solute solution cartridge is deposited into the refillable reservoir first via this port, eliminating uncoupling of the upper and lower sections to fill.

NO more shaking or mixing, each ASPIRATOR can include a mixer, activated each time solution is dispensed, and holding for dispersing a fully mixed prescribed quantity of solution prepared for next discharge.

Air fresheners, body sprays, deodorants, all types of cleaners, hair spray, liquid hair gel, cosmetics, etc.
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