SMRT Helmet

Inventor: Bruce Cooke
SMRT Helmet is a Solar-Powered, Battery Operated, Computer-Generated (Electronic Motorcycle Helmet), designed for improving safety through technologically enhanced features.
SMRT Helmet houses a Computer-Generated Microprocessor (with Storage & Memory) that operates a plurality of Sub-systems and Functions including - Voice Activation, Cameras, Night Vision Sensors, a Wireless Transceiver to communicate with an external device (i.e., Cell Phone, Lap-Top etc.), a GPS system, Solar & Battery Functionality, and much, much more…such as:
  • SMRT Helmet has an Internal/External 360 Degree (3) Camera Heads Up Display (HUD)
    to record his or her travels or emergency events
  • External 360 Degree Omnidirectional Microphone/Speaker System
    (Which allows users to See & Hear their surroundings, and provide users advanced notice, to give way to Loud Sirens and Emergency Vehicles trying to pass).
  • 3 Internal Fans
    2 (Left/Right (Front) (Fan Assisted) Air ventilation (Intake) vents, and 1 slightly larger (Rear) (Fan Assisted) Air Ventilation Outtake Vent to keep the wearer cool on extraordinarily Hot Days
  • Fan Assisted Wind Screen Air Filters
    to remove harmful noxious gaseous fumes, and/or other contaminants for a better riding experience.
  • Infra-Red, and Adaptive Day/Night Vision Assist
    for Various Types of Road Conditions.
  • 2 (Front) Cameras. SMRT Cam #4 and Camera #5.
    Cam #4 is similar to a Dash Cam to record his or her travels or emergency events.
  • The Augmented Reality Camera
    (which is connected directly to the (Front Visor's) Augmented Reality Projection Screen, and All Cameras - including the SMRT Dash Cam #4.
  • Internal/External (Left, Right, and Rear) Blind Spot Sensors
    to maintain user Safety by detecting vehicles in the Blind Spot and tracking vehicles approaching the blind spot at a high rate of speed.
SMRT Helmet also has an Internal/External Texting Feature, Augmented Reality, Facial Recognition, Internal/External Retinal Scanning, Zoom IN/OUT, Focus IN/OUT, GPS Imaging/Mapping, an Accelerometer, a Hygrometer, Wireless Transceiver, and Multiple Streaming Media (Audio/Video).
SMRT Helmet provides any biker or cyclist improved safety on any roadway during short trips or on long rides across country.
SMRT Helmet provides a state-of-the-art improvement to existing motorcycle helmet designs.
The Helmet is operated by Voice Command, Remote controlled app or manual operation. SMRT Helmet APP Available.
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