Slow Cooker Liner System
with integrated dividers

Inventor: Kirsten Wilkins
Slow Cooker Liner System with Integrated Dividers provides a user with the ability to prepare multiple types of food in a single slow cooker at the same time and utilize liners to make the cleaning process quick and easy.
The Slow Cooker Dividers provide a user the ability to divide a single slow cooker into multiple sections allowing for more than one type of food to be prepared. The system may divide the slow cooker in half with two equal sections, or the system may divide the slow cooker in quarters with four equal sections. This convenient design allows a user the ability to keep multiple types of food hot, and eliminates the need for multiple pots and pans while cooking or entertaining.
  • The uniquely designed liners make the cleaning process easier without affecting the preparation of the food. When the liner is placed inside the slow cooker, the user will place whatever type of food they are preparing in the closed lower end of the liner. The liners will not inhibit the food from being prepared properly and thoroughly.
  • The liner provides a no-mess cleanup of scraping food off the sides of the slow cooker. After use, the liner can be easily disposed of in the trash.a professional 30-minute consultation with our specialist.
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