Shoulder Pad Dryer and Hanger

Inventor: Christopher Vandamia
Provides a sporting equipment shoulder pad hanger that includes a forced air drying mechanism. Shoulder pads can be easily hung for storage and completely dried quickly and efficiently preventing the buildup of bacteria and unwanted odors.
Designed to hold wet should pads away from direct contact with the evenly distributed integrated air ports. Increases the life span of the shoulder pads.

Greatly decreases the smell and growth of bacteria in and on the pads, or the athlete experiencing skin irritation or infection from wearing wet pads or from the use of odor eliminator sprays.

Can be set up stand-alone, hung in a locker or rod/hook, and the hook can be turned down to lay flat.
  • Provides slow consistent airflow to dry-soaked shoulder pads in a timely manner.
  • Provides organization in a locker room by creating a storage apparatus for shoulder pads during the drying process.
  • Eliminates the time-consuming task of leaving shoulder pads out to dry.
  • Easily supports heavier and bulkier shoulder pads.
    Individual or multi-unit team use possibilities.
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