Seatbelt Ignition Interlock System

Inventor: Issac Gladden
Seatbelt Ignition Interlock System is a unique safety improvement device configured to prevent the vehicle ignition from being started when a combination of temperature sensors and latch sensors determines that occupied seats have unfastened seatbelts.
Provides convenience and safety for the user when traveling in a vehicle. Prevents the vehicle ignition from starting the vehicle when sensors detect a seatbelt is not latched properly.
It constitutes a combination of latch sensors and temperature sensors. Sensor devices contain a display for input controls for entering the current number of passengers into the system.
  • Lockable release button to prevent passengers from removing the sensor device.
  • Wireless capabilities.
  • Audible alert signal if unlatched seatbelts are detected.
  • Vehicle engine shutdown if seatbelt latch is disconnected.
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