Sea Clutch

Inventor: William Holmes, Lisa Holmes
High Quality Boat and RV Picture Frame Holders hold the frames in place with a patented design and the SeaClutch attaches to horizontal surfaces with an adhesive that won't harm your interior.
Picture frame is inserted into the SeaClutch and gently tighten it until it is secure. If you want to remove it, just loosen the SeaClutch and remove your frame.
There is an adhesive pad on the bottom of the SeaClutch that keeps the picture from falling over. The adhesive is very strong, so you don't need to worry about your pictures falling over or sliding out of place.
The SeaClutch is available in a beautiful clear finish with additional variations coming in the future. The SeaClutch can be customized with the name of your boat, RV or family.
  • High quality material, metal clasp and insert
  • Gripping «dots» ensures picture is secure
  • Adhesive base stops picture from sliding or falling over
  • Adjustable slider to accommodate protruding frame features
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