Safe Trek Walkingstick

Inventor: David Salazar
Safe Trek Walkingstick is a uniquely designed hiking pole with a removable retractable blade to provide safety, stability, and security to a user while walking or jogging, hiking, camping, or trekking.
  • An adjustable hiking pole consisting of three telescopic sections for extending or shortening in length.
  • A retractable blade at the bottom of the pole with a rubber flap where the blade comes out to ensure dirt does not get back inside.
  • An activation button to trigger the release of the blade, or a user can manually retract the blade.
  • The blade can be easily removed for use as a traditional knife.
  • Different blades may also be used such as a straight blade for cutting or chopping in a survival situation, a serrated blade for sawing, or a partially serrated blade for various tasks within a survival setting.
  • A padded pole handle provides a comfortable gripping surface.

  • An ergonomic grip and wrist loop for easy grasp and handling.
  • A ground spike extends outwardly from the bottom of the pole to allow for added traction.
  • Includes a compass in the handle to ensure proper direction.
  • Maximizes self-protection.
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