Repeatedly Refillable Reusable "Dispenser" and Refill Cartridges

Inventor: Robert Wise
  • Unique scissor lift mechanism with incremental single-hand adjustment!

  • Refill and reuse ANY brand plastic dispenser with dramatic cost savings-net profit increase and compostable refills.

  • Refill cartridge housing couples to ANY brand plastic dispenser, embedded cartridge couples to lift mechanism within dispenser rendering the dispenser repeatedly refillable.
  • Dispenser engineering dispenser and lift within are for long-term use.

  • Use of 494 dispensers or any current single-use plastic dispenser licensed utilizing the 549 paper roll tech renders them repeated refillable reusable dispensers, eliminating single-use plastic waste.
  • If 494 dispenser fails, a specific bar code allows the consumer to return to the retailer or company, whereby they receive a new full dispenser, 100% containment of plastic.
  • Components such as embedded cartridges can be made water dissolving or compostable (not plastic).
  • Shape and design can be adjusted, especially more compact, as well as hold 4oz, 1oz more than current.

  • Current single-use dispensers become repeatedly refillable and reusable, eliminating plastic into landfills primarily, 1% chance recycled.

  • Maximizes consumer convenience, like refilling razor blades (both) just as easy to exchange empty units with a new refill unit.

  • Covid type pandemics where consumers are stockpiling necessities, refills require less shelf space, shipping, warehouse, packaging and are faster to fill than current dispensers, dramatic NET profit increase, with no changes to current dispensers.

  • Utilizing 549 paper roll refill cartridges, as a single-use compostable dispenser or as a refill for current model 494 dispensers.
  • Sell refill cartridges in a 3 pack, 6 pack single, etc.
  • Volume of refill cartridges can be adjusted by Company.
  • Wide width for a single swipe of solution.
  • Refill cartridge that couples to a current model dispenser, so to refill the dispenser repeatedly.
  • Like the 494 100% containment of failed current dispensers, no thoughts of recycling.
  • No changes are required to existing current model dispensers.
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