Protective Fishhook Cover

Inventor: Linda Dishong
Protective Fishhook Cover is a protective case that covers a fisherman's hook-bait or lure when not in use. Additionally, the device can secure the hook against the fishing pole to prevent tangling in a manner that protects the hook and individuals from damage or injury.
The device includes a pair of receptacles each having a base, perimeter walls, and an open upper end. The receptacles are secured to each other in a clamshell configuration via a hinge. The interior volume is configured to receive a fishing hook, lure, fishing rod, and an eye of the fishing rod.
The device includes a latch to maintain the closed configuration securing the hook against the fishing pole to prevent tangling. The device also contains a slot in the case for the fishing string so when in the closed position, the fishing string will not kink or bend. The device can be available in various colors.
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