Pro Kicker

Inventor: Ronald Mesplay
A uniquely designed interchangeable kicking device to accommodate ball kicking training on a variety of different size sports balls.

Easily facilitates left-footed or right-footed kicking mechanics with a quick and easy adjustment. Strengthens both legs and improves kicking skills for optimal performance.
Automatically return and suspend the sports ball in a ready position after being kicked. Eliminates the need for retrieval of a kicked ball and the prolonged waiting period required for setting a kicked ball back into position.

Height-adjustable support arm with swivel configured to rotate 360 degrees. The return arm is adjustable up and down and can be rotated 180 degrees to change from left foot to right foot with the push of a button.
Configured to receive a variety of sports balls and adjust a ball in the desired position. The ball-holding bracket is adjustable for varying levels of size and thickness. A quick-release mechanism releasably engages a sports ball.

The sturdy base contains a mounting bracket for mounting and installation onto any preferred surface either indoors or outdoors.
Portable in design and convenient to take anywhere training is desired. Great for boys and girls of all ages.
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