Post Support Sleeve

Inventor: Herbie Landwehr
Post Support Sleeve is a uniquely designed product providing in-ground support to help when setting or replacing a post.
  • Provides a sleeve that is secured to the ground and has a post to be positioned within the sleeve.
  • A plurality of apertures function as drain holes and allow drainage to exit the support sleeve helping to slow rust and rotting of the post.
  • Can be made from aluminum or galvanized steel to keep the support sleeve resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Traction nubs extended from the base to help prevent unwanted movement during installation.
  • Eliminates the traditional post replacement process of removing the post with concrete or other types of securement filler which is time-consuming labor-intensive, and requires heavy machinery.
  • The base of the support sleeve is configured to fit any shape and size of the post. Threaded fasteners provide securement.
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