Portable Pet Washing Table

Inventor: John Escalante
Portable Pet Washing Table is a uniquely designed portable pet washing station complete with a pet restraint system for providing convenience to the user when washing their pets.
Integrated pet restraint arm with a clip for attachment of a leash or harness is adjustable to rise and lower to accommodate pets of varying heights. The arm is adjustable with an attached self-tightening noose restraint to secure an animal to the arm. The pet restraint arm may also be fixed to the washing table and folded down and locked into position.
The raised wall surrounds the washing table for containing water and prevents spills or splashing or the pet's paws from sliding off the table. A series of drain holes effectively allow water, soap, dog hair, and other particles to drain easily through the table. The washing table can accommodate small to large animals of varying sizes and heights.
  • Adjustable legs minimize pressure on the knees and back by reducing the need to stoop and bend.
  • Perfect for pet owners and professional groomers.
  • Constructed to deploy indoors such as in a bathtub as well as in any outdoor area.
  • Height-adjustable legs containing high-friction, non-slip foot rubber pads for stability.
  • Lightweight and can be transported conveniently with an integrated carrying handle.
  • Legs can be folded for ease of transport or storage when not in use.
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