Portable Female Urinal

Inventor: Linda Rudolph
Portable Female Urinal is a small and discreet portable urinal designed for female use providing convenience when relieving oneself of urine while standing. Whether hiking, camping, traveling, or any other outdoor activity where a bathroom may not be easily accessible, Portable Female Urinal is a no-mess, no-hassle, no-splash device perfect for any female!
This innovative product is configured to create a curvature saddle shape to fit snug against the body and allow urination without the use of holding the device in place. An opening within the upper end is configured to receive urine. A telescopic drainage spout having an extended and collapsed position is included on the front side.
The telescopic spout is designed to access the interior volume so that the contents of the container can be easily emptied and cleaned. Portable Female Urinal is easy to carry and protects a female's privacy. No more squatting or accidentally urinating on clothing or shoe wear.
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