Pet Waste Receptacle

Inventor: Rowena Swetish
Pet Waste Receptacle is a uniquely designed waste receptacle to store pet waste in order to avoid the sensation of contact between the user's hand and the pet waste.
Pet Waste Receptacle provides pet owners with a convenient and sanitary bag-type design with rigid plastic on both sides, allowing a pet owner to firmly grip and pick up pet waste while out on a walk, at the park, or wherever a convenient method for picking up pet waste is desired. The rigid sides eliminate the unpleasant hand sensation often associated with picking up pet waste.
This unique product provides pet owners with a compact and sanitary pet waste receptacle capable of storing, and the bag can be easily disposed of, with the waste. Pet owners can be assured that picking up pet waste will no longer be an unsanitary mess, and ensures the pet waste can be stored until ready to discard.
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