Ornamental Person Locator
with Imbedded Tracker and Personal Identification

Inventor: Darcia Harvey
This dual-functionality device is a locator that can accurately identify a location of a person wearing or carrying the device, while providing a user with imbedded electronic feature to store personally identifiable information.
The locator device takes the form of an aesthetically pleasing article of jewelry or a retractable keychain that can be attached to a person's clothing or discreetly carried. The housing of the device may include a GPS transceiver chip and an identifying integrated circuit that stores personal information.
The device may be customizable for a user with specific medical information, as well as personal information such as address and phone number, alternative contact information, birth date, and gender should an emergency arises. If the wearer is in need of immediate medical care, the information within the device will allow for the proper care.
The small, lightweight design provides convenience to carry in a purse or bag, or a user may wear as part of their everyday attire allowing for a constant sense of security. The device is ideal for use with children, elderly, or with those who are at risk or have special needs.
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