The Original Picture Frame Railing

Inventors: Danielle Livengood, Derrick Livengood
Uniquely designed innovative decor to personalize your home and create a centerpiece where family moments are remembered with each step.

A modular one-of-a-kind beautiful and timeless picture frame railing system customizable to display photos, artwork, illustrations, and more.
Offers durable, functional, and stunning attributes to a home. Complementary to multiple decor styles.
Comes in 3 standard powder coat colors - black, white, and bronze. Additional colors are available upon request.
Wide variety of wood, staining, and finishing available.
3 different size frames available including:
regular (7 ½ x 9 ½) medium (7 ½ x 14 ¼) or tall (7 ½ x 19).

  • Simple to rearrange and swap out pieces or pictures for seasonal updates.

  • Eliminates nail holes and reduces the amount of damage typically left on walls.

  • Engineered to follow all safety codes and safety measures to ensure your family is safe while bringing beauty and elegance to your home.
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