Multi-Tool Wrench

Inventor: Glenford Lawrence
A uniquely designed device having a variety of interchangeable attachments and deployable tool components within a single, compact device.
A socket wrench, a retractable blade, a plurality of interchangeable wrench heads, a screwdriver that is pivotally deployable from the body of the tool, an extendable magnet that is pivotally deployable from the reverse side of the tool, and at least one level.
  • Requires minimal manipulation by the user to make use of the various tool components.
  • Eliminates the weight or general cumbersome nature of carrying a large number of tools.
  • Provides the functionality of as many different types of tools as possible into a single, convenient tool.
  • Customizable tool depending on the job at hand.
  • Reduces the number of tools that must be carried when performing a job or on a job site, without sacrificing any usability.
  • Light contained within the interior of the device is controllable via a button on the exterior.
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