Multi-Layered Heat Therapy and Electrotherapy Back Pad

Inventor: John L. Woods
A multi-layered therapy back pad that stimulates the nerves and muscles of the user's back to reduce pain, soreness, and stiffness, while offering a comfortable and supportive design.
  • Outer layers of low-resilience polyurethane softer foam material sandwich an inner core of denser foam material.
  • Electrodes are positioned along the upper surface of the mat to apply a pulsating electric current to the user through direct skin contact for nerve and muscle stimulation and pain relief.
  • The upper surface design accommodates and conforms to the back geometry of a user for both support and comfortable resting.
  • External remote controller to adapt to the intensive therapy means, including the temperature of the heating element and the amplitude or frequency of the electrical stimulation pulses.
  • The heat therapy resistive heating element is embedded within the core of the pad and provides a means of transferring heat into the user's back for muscle tension and pain relief.
  • Can be used in the home or while traveling to treat back pain and soreness while the user rests against the pad in a supine position.
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