Mounting Bracket for a Camera

Inventor: Kelly Burdick
Mounting Bracket for a Camera is a uniquely designed camera mount that can be attached and secured to a tree trunk, limb, or wood post while enjoying the outdoors.
  • Provides a bracket and a pair of extendable arms designed to support a camera.
  • Secures tightly to a surface with a jaw-like grip mechanism offering optimal support.
  • Allows for an outdoor camera to be secured to a vertical support surface, such as a tree, and allows the device to be easily adjusted in position or orientation.
  • Adjustable mounting configuration for ease of adjusting a camera's position once secured. Sturdy support base for any size or weight camera.
  • Elevates a camera to an optimal position and prevents tampering, damage to the camera, or wildlife from accessing the device.
  • Multi-use device that can easily function as a mounting system for home security cameras.
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