Marine Microplastic Removal Tool

Inventor: Marc W. Ward
Marine Microplastic Removal Tool is a uniquely designed manual tool for sifting and separating articles from the sand. This device is for use along beaches and shorelines to effectively remove harmfully deposited microplastics.
A wire mesh screen between two lightweight poles that can be manually maneuvered and utilizes electrostatic attraction to filter microplastic material from sifted sand.
Comprises a fine mesh size and a coating of polyurethane such that as the beach sand is sifted, the microplastics become statically charged and attracted to the mesh. Sand affected by the microplastic deposits is shoveled onto the wire mesh allowing the sand to pass through while capturing large quantities of the microplastics.
  • Allows users to quickly separate the microplastics from the sand without removing large quantities of the beach sand.
  • Saves on electrical power or mechanized devices for removal of waste along beaches.
  • Eliminates environmental pollution created by discarded plastic products and major environmental issues for beachfront properties and coastal areas.
  • Removes a significant area of affected shoreline in a short amount of time and at minimal expense to the property owner.
  • Helps reduce the economic impact on local businesses and property owners.
  • Lightweight, manually operated, and can readily be stored between uses.
  • Brings people together and creates a hands-on way to get involved in being "part of the solution".
  • Running the filtration screen is great exercise and is not only good for the beach, ocean, and planet – it is good for the operator.
Volunteers worldwide are using static charge filtration screens to clean up ocean beaches.
Every red dot represents a team of microplastic filtration volunteers. Zoom in and explore the map. Turn on the aerial photo (button upper left) to view the beaches people care about. Click on a red dot and learn who to thank for their efforts. And get involved! Together we can make a difference.
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