Magazine Loader

Inventor: Charles Morris
Even for experts, loading cartridges into a magazine can be
a slow and laborious process, and Some people have difficulty learning to hand load a magazine with cartridges. Especially
when wearing gloves or in cold weather, loading the car
tridges into the magazine can take significant time. In other
circumstances, quickly loading a magazine with cartridges is
critical. Such as when a hunter needs to reload the magazine. Therefore, there exists a need for a device that is adapted to
allow a user to quickly load cartridges into a magazine.
The Magazine Loader allows a user to facilitate loading a plurality of cartridges into a magazine of a firearm in a quick and easy manner while at the range, in the woods, and more.
  • Provides a base configured to be placed flush against a flat surface and includes a telescopic hydraulic shaft to hold a magazine in position. The base also includes a hand-actuated depressible platform for ease of loading.
  • The magazine is configured to be supported on the base in a parallel and upstanding manner in relation to the elongated hydraulic shaft.
  • Prevents tilting and improper loading of the cartridge into the magazine.
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