Little PEEBS Tee Ball Training Mat

Inventor: Bodie Peebles
Teaching young children the mechanics of how to hit a baseball or softball can be difficult due to the required body positioning and coordination. Proper foot placement within a batter's box is necessary for learning how to hit a baseball.

Little PEEBS Tee Ball Training Mat shows positioning a batter in order to hit balls to different directions in relation to a baseball field, such as left field, center field, and right field. Also, it is used to help position and show foot placement of a catcher, coach or umpire.
How It Works
Unroll out of packaging lay flat
with print upwards
Place Tee Ball Tee over Home plate figure
Place feet on the same colored shoe prints
See NOTE in step 4.
This will help teach batter to position their feet towards home plate
NOTE: Feet positions on color footprints can be adjusted for each batter and don't have to have their feet exactly on colored footprints of the same color and the batter can get as close or as far back as it fits the batter in relation to the tee stand.
Shoe prints in back of batter's box
will help teach batter to be ahead of the ball and place, to left field if a right handed batter, right field if a left handed batter
Shoe prints in the center of the batters box
will help teach the batter to hit up the middle
Shoe Prints in the front of the batter's box
will help teach batters to be behind the ball and place the ball to right field if right-handed batter, left field if batter is left-handed
When finished with mat, sweep off, flip over
with print down and roll up for storage, helps mat to lay flat when ready to use
CLEANING: Brush or wipe off with water and dish soap
Spray with hose, add soap, use a push broom to scrub, spray off with hose, let dry in the sun. Roll up when dry
Do's and don'ts
  • Adult supervision is always recommended
  • Ages 3 & up
  • Have fun learn all you can swing away
  • No metal cleats
  • Not a sliding device
  • May be slippery when wet
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