Inventor: Robert A. Azzaro
Lid-Loc is a uniquely designed device that easily secures the lid of an outdoor trash can or bin to a closed and locked position. Lid-Loc is a simple device that installs in minutes and keeps your trash bin secure from spills and scavengers.
A hinged L-shaped bracket that can be fastened to the top lid of a trash can or bin, and the latch is adjustable to fit the lip of the can or bin.
Contains two vertical slots that extend the length of the bracket. Fasten the device to the bin and the adjustable wing nuts hold the lid closed. To open the lid simply pull the latch forward.
No more mess on the ground!
  • Seals in odors and keeps insects away with a shut lid.
  • Prevents litter caused by overflowing cans and bins, and strong winds.
  • Keeps rain water, dogs, raccoons, and any other small animals out, while keeping trash in.
  • Made with premium stainless steel and designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the USA.
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