Learning Lights

Inventor: Stephen Brophy
Learning Lights is a mental targeting system uniquely designed to project images and play audio enabling an individual to utilize visual and mental targeting to set goals and work towards achieving them.
Multi-functional device comprised of a box-like housing design that can be easily placed on a nightstand or table. Control circuit in electrical communication with a speaker, microphone, projector, and a computer-readable medium. Includes a backlit display, clock, and a headphone jack.
Displays positive-reinforcement messages or images on a bedroom ceiling or bedroom wall. Contains a combination of different sounds and white noise for ultimate relaxation.
  • Guides an individual in an end-of-day mental centering activity that creates positive habits and reinforces goal formation right before the individual falls asleep.
  • Allows the activation center within the brain to work on the next steps to bring the goal into being while the individual sleeps, creating further clarity and a positive feedback loop.
  • Allows the individual to start their day with a fresh mind and the next steps to achieve their goals.
  • A timer can selectively activate and de-activate the projector and speaker after a pre-determined time selected by the individual.
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