Inventor: Lester Bell
Lapwear is an improved means to promote safe sex by preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including HPV, and herpes, as well as unwanted pregnancy.
Barrier protection product that provides peace of mind, a healthy life, and a more enjoyable sex life. One-piece, airtight protective covering for the entire genitalia area and made of latex rubber or heat-stamped polyurethane.
The means eliminates the use of a traditional condom that may slip off or break during sexual intercourse.
  • Design versions are available for men or women as well as different sizes and colors. Lubricated or textured designs are also available.
  • Protects from all bodily fluids exchanged during sexual activity.
  • Incorporates a male or female condom as well as an insert for the anus.
  • Conveniently discard after use.
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