Ladder Step Attachment

Inventor: Felipe Garay
Ladder Step Attachment is a uniquely designed hinged platform-type support step for ladders that widens the standing area when climbing or descending a ladder, and allows a user to climb through without worry of slipping or falling.
Ladder Step Attachment comprises a base configured to removably secure to a ladder so that the base rests parallel to an upper surface of a ladder rung, allowing a user to utilize the base as a step or shelf having an increased surface area than that of the rung. The base provides a wider width so a user can conveniently and safely move around with greater freedom.
The base comprises a hinged platform configured to move between an open and closed position. When in an open position, a user is able to climb through without needing to remove the ladder step attachment. This unique design enables users to hang the device on a higher rung, move it to the next rung when needed, and pass through with ease.
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