Interactive Storytelling Kit

Inventor: Nina Davis
Interactive Storytelling Kit provides a unique device and way of telling a story through visualization. By combining visual items with the telling of a story, children or adults will adequately comprehend and enjoy the story.
  • Provides narrative topic source material that engages and enhances the audience's learning of such topics about a religious holiday such as Christmas
  • Contains storytelling aids within the kit corresponding to the key points in the story for maximum retention.
  • Includes the main container with a lid and multiple box-like containers containing a single item within each box relating to the story to aid in comprehension and retention.
  • Allows for a child or adult to become more involved with the story in a sequential manner relating to the story.
  • Features reading source material in an audio recording format, and a sensor communication within the box lid activated when the story source material is played.
  • Endless kit options for various storytelling topics can be created.
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