Insulated Cooler with Submersible Internal Circulating Pump

Inventors: David Morgan
This unique product provides an Insulated Cooler having multiple recessed drink holders in the lid, with the ability to keep beverages in the drink holders ice cold for extended periods.

Our Inventors have developed a "Thermal Cooling Manifold", that is formed to fit internally around each recessed drink holder.

A submersible pump inside the chest is connected to the manifold in the lid, by which melted ice water is transferred through tubing connected to the manifold around each drink holder and back into the chest for recirculation.
  • This unit can be powered by any 12-volt DC battery source or portable Solar Panel capable of producing 3 amps.
  • Maintains beverages in the drink holders at ice-cold temperatures for prolonged periods.
  • Stop throwing away full unfinished drinks.
  • Dual power ports to connect electronic devices.
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