Insert for Yard & Trash Bags

Inventor: William Willis
Insert for Yard & Trash Bags is a uniquely designed insert to hold a bag open when performing yard work or collecting of yard debris such as grass clippings, dead leaves, falling branches, sticks, twigs, and pulled weeds.
  • A cylindrical insert for hands-free convenience while performing outdoor yard work.
  • Eliminates the need to hold a bag open or loss of yard debris while trying to rake into a traditional trash bag.
  • Allows a user to more efficiently and effectively remove a trash bag.
  • A handle allows for easy grasp and removable of the trash bag when full. Fasteners allow the insert to retain a cylindrical shape.
  • Provides stable and sturdy support for insertion of yard debris.
  • A non-porous, waterproof material, such that it will not absorbs odors or moisture and will not degrade as quickly from use.
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