Inventor: Merna Caraballo
Hidroladder is a uniquely designed improved stepladder equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism configured to automatically raise or lower the platform when activated.
Hidroladder provides users with a more convenient and safer stepladder without the need to climb up and down the ladder rungs while performing household cleaning, lifting items to a high-leveled shelf or attic, or while transporting heavy items upward. Hidroladder contains a control panel with actuator buttons, and each button controls a different action of the hydraulic lift platform. By pressing a button, a user can easily raise or lower the hydraulic lift platform.
A safety latch is configured to secure the platform in a desired position until a user activates allowing the user to reposition the platform. Users are able to fold the stepladder into a compact position for easy and convenient storage while not in use. Hidroladder also features non-slip foot material preventing a user from slipping while they are on the steps.
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