Helmet-Mounted Motorcycle Rider Visualization Device

Inventor: Angela Boutte
Helmet-Mounted Motorcycle Rider Visualization Device is a new and improved motorcycle helmet with a built-in indicator that will alert other motorists to a motorcyclist's actions on public roads, in traffic, or in low light conditions. This uniquely designed helmet provides an LED light source indicator for brake lights, turn signals, hazard indicators, and general operation of motorcycle signaling, along with a bezel that is surrounded by a reflective surface for improved visualization of the rider in traffic.
A module is attached to the motorcycle to interpret indicator operation and to transmit a signal to the helmet assembly to energize the active illumination sources. The device can operate wirelessly where a short-range wireless signal coordinates the lights between the motorcycle and the helmet active illumination. An internal battery powers the motorcycle helmet and is removable to receive a charging cord to recharge the battery after extended use.
Helmet-Mounted Motorcycle Rider Visualization Device is affixed to the rear surface of a full-face motorcycle helmet. The reflective surface provides an active illumination for motorists behind the rider to easily visualize the rider in traffic, and to easily recognize when the rider is braking, turning or idling. The device may further include an ambient light sensor for adjusting the brightness of the lights depending on surrounding conditions.
Helmet-Mounted Motorcycle Rider Visualization Device increases overall awareness of the rider's presence and increases everyone's safety while on the road.
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