The Hairball

Inventor: Jake Costello
The Hairball is a unique bathroom accessory hair collecting device that aids a user in collecting loose hairs so that the hairs are not washed down a drain or accumulate on a surface such as a wall or an area around the drain.
The spherical body is a rotatable device that has a hair-collecting arcuate fin and cutouts extending outward from the spherical body that trap hairs within the cutouts. The rotatable feature secures the hair to the hair collecting device by entangling or threading the hair in the cutouts. The spherical body can also be rotated to provide a new surface if any portion is already covered in hair. A hinged attached lid provides easy access to removal of the hairs.
The rear surface of Hair Collecting Device contains peel and stick adhesive fasteners that enable a user to mount the device to a desired surface such as a shower wall without damaging the surface. The open bottom end can be positioned such that water from a shower or other source of water, such as a user's wet hands, can flow through the open bottom and prevent the collection of water.
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