Folding Chair Carrier

Inventor: Mark Hartley
Folding Chair Carrier provides a unique caddy-like device for collapsible or folding chairs that can be transported on the back of the user via straps or attached to an RV ladder.
  • Provides a high-quality waterproof material to keep chairs dry and clean, and to protect chairs from harsh weather elements.
  • Contains an interior compartment large enough to hold at least two folding chairs.
  • Includes shoulder straps for ease of use and transportability.
  • Rolling caster wheels on the bottom of the carrier offers additional convenience.
  • Utilizes fasteners to attach the carrier to an RV ladder or luggage rack.
  • A sturdy carrying handle is located on the top of the carrier. Zipper closure and mesh cup holders for additional storage.
  • Features hooks and fasteners that allow the carrier to be attached to an RV ladder, luggage rack, or any mounting fixture on a vehicle.
  • Durable for any outdoor event where a user may be required to bring their own chairs.
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