Foldable Outdoor Ornament

Inventors: Rebecca Burke
Provides a unique Birthday Card for Jesus outdoor display ornament that is adapted to resemble a traditional foldable greeting card, with the ability to add personal messages on the interior of the display.
Offers a three-dimensional yard ornament for celebrating the birth of Jesus. Includes ground stakes for easy installation in any yard, garden area, or outdoor area where a unique ornamental display is desired. Contains a writeable whiteboard interior surface for the ability to add personal messages, signatures or names, custom artwork, or holiday greetings.
Panels are connected with sturdy, weatherproof hinges for ease of folding and unfolding. Electronic features, such as an LED light string containing multiple colors of lights, powered via battery or outdoor outlet allow for bright illumination and maximum visibility.
  • Folds into a compact configuration that takes up less space in storage.
  • Beautifully presented and on full display for neighbors, houseguests, and any passerby.
  • A magnetic surface and ornament hooks are contained within the display for added personalization and customization.
  • Easily erase and add messages with a convenient dry eraser.
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