Female Urethral Catheterization Assist Device

Inventor: Susan Smith
Female Urethral Catheterization Assist Device is a new and uniquely designed medical tool to improve visualization when inserting a female urethral catheter.
A tong-like device with a pair of interconnected paddles configured to engage a labia minora and labia majora to provide a full and clear view of the urethral opening.
  • Curved lateral sides
  • Each paddle includes a round-shaped handle for ease of grasp and opening and closing of the device
  • Includes a pivot that fixes the angle of the pair of blades
    at an optimal level
  • A transverse bar having a latch and fastener provides a locking mechanism for the device
  • Allows for easy and gentle insertion of a female urethral catheter
  • Optimizes the ability of nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals by providing a full and clear view of the urethral opening
  • Eliminates the use of the hand and fingers to move the labia. The device causes the clinician to perform a natural upward motion which exposes the urethral opening for proper insertion at the first attempt
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